We Used a Camera to Catch Our Neighbor in the Act

We moved out to a rural area a couple of years ago because my wife and I wanted to get away from the big city. I had purchased some property here 10 years earlier, and it was our dream to be able to build a home on the property and live in it full time after retirement. We even bought some goats, chickens and some other animals to take care of on the property. We wanted to jump in with both feet. But we ended up needing to purchase some hidden cameras last month because our chickens were slowly disappearing. We wanted to know why.

My wife and myself spent quite a bit of time learning how to care for chickens properly. We bought books on the subject, talked to friends who owned chickens, etc. Then we threw ourselves into building a very sturdy chicken coop. Many of our friends had told us that raccoons, dogs, coyotes and more can bust through a flimsy coop in no time and kill your chickens. After that, we just waited for our chickens to lay eggs, and we were really enjoying spending time with them, too. They give us a lot of laughs.

The chickens have free range during the day, but each night, before it gets dark each night, we make sure to put the chickens up in the safety of the coop each night. When our chickens began disappearing one-by-one, we assumed an animal was getting to them. However, there was no sign of forced entry on the coop at all. This was very puzzling to us. So, we purchased a hidden camera that has night vision, and set it up in the hopes of figuring out what was going on. Within 48 hours, we looked at the video and learned that our next door neighbor was sneaking over in the middle of the night to steal our chickens! We would have never guessed that he was doing this. We’re thankful for the camera giving us the ability to find the culprit so that we can move forward with handling the situation.

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