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Do you remember how it was in the old days? I must explain that the old days for me meant being a boy in the 1950s.

Open fires were the norm. My dad built a fire every winters morning. He did this by first placing rolled up newspaper in the grate. On top of the newspaper he would lay wooden sticks in a criss-cross pattern. Then he would carefully place lumps of coal on top of the sticks. Next came lighting the fire. He would light selected exposed corners of the newspaper, which would soon cause the sticks to catch fire. Then the sticks provided the flame and the heat to set the coal on fire.

Although building and setting off a fire was science in action, it was almost an art form in the hands of parents of that generation.

The living room usually housed the fireplace, and this room was the one that warmed up during the day thanks to the fire. Other rooms in the house could be cruelly cold. That included the bathroom. If you had one!

Nobody I knew had central heating. If you wanted a bath, this often meant adding boiling water from pans or kettle into the bathtub which was part filled with cold water. If you were lucky you could warm up your bath towel by draping it over the stove or cooker until you needed to use it. Anyway, enough of me and my past history.

Nowadays, we dont know were born! A bath is a luxurious pleasure. There is plenty of instant hot water. And you usually have a choice of radiators on which to hang your towel over so that it is lovely and warm when you get out of the bath.

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One piece of equipment which makes this possible is the telescopic radiator towel rail.

This towel rail can be adjustable so that it perfectly fits over the radiator in your bathroom or shower room.

Today there are many different styles of radiator towel rails. You can see a good range of them in CaraselleDirects UK eBay Shop. Theyre competitively priced and come with free P&P. Click Here.

Brian McGregor is an author and entrepreneur who is as keen as his partner to have a tidy and warm house!

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