Streaming for a Good Cause

My friends and I wanted to do a charity stream for cancer research. We had the idea of playing games for a week straight, and we would rotate players out so that the stream could keep running all day without us losing sleep. Since we had never streamed before, we didn’t have a lot of people to view the stream, nor did we have a lot of people to tell about the stream. We decided to use a website called to buy some viewers for our channel. The bought viewers would cause more people to come to the stream and get them to donate to our cause.

In the first few hours of running the stream, the bought viewers did their magic. We had well over $10,000 in donations, and this was constantly going up at a steady stream. As the viewers came, the channel went on the front page, and then more donations came. We were able to clear $100,000 after 4 days of streaming, which was our original goal. Because of this, we decided to increase the goal to raise 5 times that amount. It was an ambitious goal, but at the rate things were going, it seemed likely.

By the last day, we had not only gone over the second goal, but we were close to hitting our third undisclosed goal, which was $1,000,000. We watched the counter in the last few minutes of the stream, and hoped that we would reach the goal. At the last minute, someone sent in a big donation worth $5000. This caused us to hit our goal and go over by an extra thousand. We didn’t know that it would be possible to raise that much money for cancer research by playing some old video games, but I guess people love a good cause.

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