Started Working on the New Roof Systm

We have just gotten to work on how we are going to get the church fixed up and there is a lot of it that we need to do. We have started working on the new roof system. I have talked to about half a dozen roofing contractors in NYC and we are trying to see if we can talk one of them in to doing a good deal with us. We are trying to sell them on the idea that instead of taking a profit off the deal they can give the church a donation which they could obviously write off of their taxes. It is a good theory, but obviously you have to think about how the guy pays his bills. He is going to have give his workers an hourly wage and he is going to have to pay for the materials that it takes to fix up the roof. Obviously it would be too much of a stretch for a business person to go in to debt to help us out.

In the end the money would be worth more as a donation than it would be if you paid full price in a check. The logic is pretty easy, because you have to pay taxes on it, unless you decided to not tell the IRS about the money. Of course that would be a very brave strategy. Still if you took a tax deduction that would be a hundred percent back on the money. All of it would come back to you in a tax write off. The trick is to make it from now until the day when you can write it off. Not many guys are going to be in the shape where they can just act like it does not matter much.

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