Started to Set Up My Home Office

The boss has given me a pretty generous budget and they let me have some of the hand me down type stuff that we do not need. We have a warehouse and if you look around in there you can find a desk and chair with no trouble. Obviously it is likely to look a bit worn out, but this is not going to be on public display. I figure that I need the desk, a computer, a multifunction device with scanner software and a few other things. Of course I am not really going to working out of the house on anything like a full time service. It is going to be like this. I am going to be working part of Jack’s territory to start out and then eventually I am going to take over the whole thing. He is winding down after thirty odd years on the job and does not care for covering the same huge area that he used to cover.

I will spend some time in the office like before and I will go out on the road, probably it will be something two days of travel and three days at home or the opposite of that. It is not going to be anything too difficult to adjust to. I will do a bunch of my work from the house or from out on the road. Jack hardly ever shows up at the office any more, he does not have to do it because he has the technology to allow him to do his job remotely. The trick is to have the proper measures for security, which you use something like a virtual machine to provide you. If you do it right you are able to work pretty securely without much risk of being hacked.

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