A Scale for Better Accuracy

When I did an internal audit for one department in my company, I was not happy with what I saw. I thought that there was a lot of waste, so I decided to rectify that. I knew that the first step in this would be to purchase a new parts counting scale. The one the department had been using definitely had seen better days, and quite often it was not used at all because of this. I knew that accuracy was not something that was at the top of everyone’s priority list because of the business that we are in, but I knew that it did matter long term.

That is why I wanted to get an accurate and reliable scale, but it had been years since I had purchased one. I wasn’t even sure if the company was still around! I decided to just start off with a fresh search, and that is how I found the company that I now use to buy all of my scales from. I looked over the different counting scales that they offer, and i was impressed with all of them. I decided to get the one that has the capability of weighing up to 100 pounds, even though we rarely needed something of that magnitude.

I am always thinking ahead though, and i knew that it was possible we would end up adding products where a scale like this would come in handy. I really liked that accuracy was going to be a top priority too. Like I said, it was not important if something was off by a few ounces or so, but this would ensure that every customer was receiving exactly what they ordered. They may not realize the difference, but we do, and that is what counts. Other changes were made, but getting the scale was the best one by far.

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