A New Horn Installation Job

After going to http://www.trainhornsunlimited.com, I got a horn for my car and a friend of mine volunteered to install it. He loves doing work on cars, and even has his own automotive shop. He always wanted to install a train horn, and he finally got his chance. He had installed other horns before for other people, such as ones that played musical tunes, but no one ever brought a train horn to him until I came along.

I was in the shop to watch my friend install the horn, and he was as happy as a kid on Christmas. When he unboxed the horn, he was smiling ear to ear and carefully examining each part. He got to work right away on the horn and was humming happy tunes while doing so. I had never seen him so happy while working on a car. I asked him why he didn’t install a train horn in his own car, and he said that he didn’t know where to find them, but after seeing the horn I got, he would be willing to order one from the same website that I used to order mine.

My friend completed the installation, and gladly handed me my car keys so I could get inside, turn on the car, and test out the new horn. I did while my friend waited in excitement, and when I blew the horn, it let out a loud train sound. My friend was so excited to hear the horn that he asked me to blow it again. I did it again multiple times. I couldn’t stay in the shop blowing the horn all day because I had other things to do, so I left the shop. My friend waved goodbye and had a sad look on his face afterward.

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