Home Phone Service is Not Outdated

Depending on the generation that you grew up in, you may have depended on using a home phone more so than the generation of children we currently see today. The current generation of 20 and 30 somethings remember clearly growing up with a home phone in their house. It wasn’t a cheap home phone back then but it was a home phone and it was necessary. It was the era that having a cordless phone was a pleasant thing to own and the only inconvenience there was, was when your sibling forgot to put it back on the charger and the battery ran out while you were using it. Then what? Then you’d have to switch to the phone in your house that had a cord. Nobody wanted to talk on the phone with a cord. That just wasn’t convenient.

The current generation of children all seem to have a cell phone of their own at an earlier and earlier age. read more

Switching to More Reliable Internet Service

I spend a lot of time online. From work-related projects to personal web browsing, I’d say that I’m online for hours at a time. I have really slow DSL speeds due to the fact that I live in a rural area. I’ve always just accepted the fact that data crawls in my area because I didn’t know that there was an alternative out there. My friend told me that she recently got satellite internet installed because she was having the same problem as me. I asked her to pass along some additional information. She sent me to, which brought me directly to the provider’s website for my specific area.

I felt like a kid on Christmas day. Being provided with this new information was really exciting.

I Am Finally Getting a Smart Phone

I always joke to my friends that I have a dumb phone. I never had the need to upgrade it to a smart phone before because my old one was just fine. When one of my friends explained everything that I was missing out on though, I realized it was time to catch up with the rest of the world as far as cell phones are concerned. I didn’t want to pay a lot of money though, especially when most companies offer great promotions. That same friend told me to sign up for cyber monday cell phone deals 2013 email alerts so I would be able to see all of the great smart phone deals on Cyber Monday.

She gave me the link to do this, and I actually enjoyed reading about the different types of phones that are going to be offered at incredible prices that day. What I mainly wanted was a great camera on my phone, because my current phone only takes mediocre pictures. I wanted to be able to take crisp and clear pictures that I could upload quickly to one of my social media sites. When I saw some of the other features though, I knew that I had to focus on the phone overall instead of just one or two features.

Though I didn’t know a lot about smart phones, I knew that I was going to end up using a bunch of the features on the one that I end up getting. I had no idea that they were capable of doing so many different things. When my friends started showing me the different apps too, I knew that this time was long overdue. It’s funny how finding out about a product makes you wonder how you have gone so long without one. I won’t have that problem in a few more weeks!